Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A visit to the Dietician

The Lodger is small. He's 22 months old but is still fitting perfectly into his 12 month clothes. When I see him next to other kids his age, he's tiny! 

We meet with the Dietician a few times in the year. 

Yesterday was that day. I'm always nervous before a visit to the Dietician.
Has The Lodger grown? Has he put on enough weight? Has he put on any weight? Too much weight? Are we giving him enough food? Too much food? The right type of food? Is he on the right type of diet? Is he getting everything he needs nutritionally? Are we too strict? Are we doing the right thing?

The Lodger gained in weight and height! We rejoiced! He's still on a low percentile but his Dietician is happy with his growth! Children with PWS often struggle at the start to put on weight and then around 2 years old they can rapidly gain weight. Research has recently shown that the rapid weight gain can start before the insatiable appetite begins. 

It was five months since our last visit. The changes were big. The Lodger wriggled until we put him on the ground to play with the toys in the room. WRIGGLED!! This was such a 'High Five' moment for us as parents. His strength has really increased over the last few months. He's getting stronger all the time. He happily entertained himself as we spoke with the Dietician. 

The Dietician was delighted with his diet. It was such a relief. He's getting everything he needs. The best bit was she described his diet as 'not a special diet', it's just a diet.. and a diet that everyone should be following. 

The Lodger only eats and drinks healthy options. He's never had anything unhealthy, ever! We control exactly what he eats and when. 

I've found myself getting much stricter around food. The Lodger's interest is increasing around food. He'll notice people eating, he'll sometimes get cross when a meal is over and he often gets very happy when it's mealtime! The Dietician was very happy to hear we've made our home PWS friendly!

No means No in our house. We eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. There are no exceptions. If you visit us and it's not snack time, there's none offered. We eat in the kitchen. Food is not a treat. 

We hope that these house rules will make our home a safe place for our son.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Happy Raising Side of the Cot Day!!

I sometimes forget that The Lodger has low muscle tone. You grow very accustomed to The Lodger just being who he is. It's only when I meet other kids the same age, that I realise how low muscle tone affects everyday things.

The Lodger is 22 months old now. Just yesterday, he was sitting in his cot when I walked past his room and glanced in to see him pulling himself up using the side of the cot. This is a momentous occasion! It took every bit of strength he could find to achieve it! He was so delighted with himself, as you can see in the photo!

As I cheered him on, I thought back to the little baby who could only move his eyes when he was born. The Lodger has physiotherapy everyday to improve his tone. His play time is all focused around how can this toy/activity make him stronger or teach him something new. The Lodger amazes me everyday with every achievement. He may only be 22 months old but his determination is stronger than most peoples. 

Most parents probably don't celebrate the raising of the side of the cot BUT we most certainly did! 

Happy Raising Side of the Cot Day!!