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Pigs In Jackets

We walk out of the shop. I ask the Lodger for his hand but he refuses. I explain, as you do, the dangers of traffic and that he must hold Mummy or Daddy's hand when near the road. He's frustrated and tries to explain to me what's wrong. But I just don't get it.  Then the Mummy steps in to understand the problem.  The Lodger explains using his range of words and signs that obviously he cannot hold Daddy's hand as he is carrying a pig.
Yes, a rather large invisible pig.
So the situation is resolved by Mummy taking the pig and the Lodger holds Daddy's hand and is happy. He keeps checking behind us as we walk and after some questioning I'm informed that he's just making sure the other pig is following.
Apparently we have 2 pigs.
We hop in the car, close the doors but Mummy has forgotten to let the pig in. The door is opened, the pig is let in, disaster averted.  We're good to go, the Lodger and pigs on board.

The Lodger loves animals. He has little interest in c…