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Easter Eve

It’s the night before Easter and all through the house, not a creature is stirring....
Oops wrong event! 
It’s Easter Eve and the Lodger has been busy over the last few days questioning all things Easter Bunny, most questions relating to whether the Easter Bunny knows about his special tummy.
'Mum have you told the Easter Bunny about my special tummy?' 'Mum, how did you tell him?' 'Mum, was it a letter? I didn't see you post it." 'Mum, what about you? You don't have a special tummy. Will you get a chocolate egg?' 'Mum, what is a chocolate egg?' 'Mum, I think the Easter Bunny DEFINITELY knows about my special tummy!' 'Mum, I think I really like Easter. Mum, the Easter Bunny will bring me special things." 'Mum, does he know I live here now and not in the old house.' 'Mum, what about our new house. Will he know where that is?' 'Mum, we don't live in the new house yet. Does the Easter bunny know?' 'Mum…

Sick but hungry, hungry, hungry

It is one of the most heartbreaking things to see your child struggling.  The Lodger is sick.... again.  Since starting school, he seems to be catching every bug going.
Last October in the midst of Storm Ophelia, The Lodger vomited for the first time. For those not in the know, people with PWS rarely vomit. It can be a sign of serious illness. He showed no sign of illness beforehand. In fact, we were out for a walk when it happened. His version of the story is very to the point...
"We were walking and then I stopped, my mouth opened and the sick came out!" Straight afterwards, he asked for his snack but a frantic call to his PWS nurse, as I sought to find out how I'd know if his stomach was rupturing, emphasised the point to him that he'd have to wait a little while for his snack. 
The Lodger has 100% respect for what his PWS Nurses and Doctors say.
And as an aside, I didn't tell The Lodger that I thought his stomach was rupturing. I remained somewhat calm but internall…