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Prader-Willi.... it's not all about eating!

It's so much more than eating.
It's impossible to imagine the feeling towards food that a person with Prader-Willi Syndrome experiences.  But it's a very real thing. It's more than just hunger. It's a feeling that takes over the whole mind. Add the extra complications of stress, anxiety and uncertainty around the next meal and that's when you're getting close to imagining that feeling.

The food obsession with PWS is so much more than eating. But as with all symptoms in Prader-Willi Syndrome this can be mild, severe or somewhere is the middle of the spectrum. 
It's a relationship with food. It seems to be a consistently spinning wheel in the minds of someone with PWS where food is a consistent thought. The Lodger is becoming more and more obsessed with food everyday. But not in the way you'd think or we expected. His obsessions are far beyond his daily eating schedule. 
A lot of his play now resolves around food. He makes tea and apples (a classic combinati…