Saturday, 8 November 2014

Just smile and say it's nice to meet you!!

99% of people greet The Lodger like he's just any other kid- smile, joke, play etc., but then there's that 1%. The 1% of people I dread to see.

The pity brigade! 

"O isn't his life going to be tough!"

"O well that's your life over!"

"Challenging times ahead for both you of."

The list goes on....

The first time this happened, I smiled and  tried to say something but no words came out! 

I  walked away fast! I then felt guilty and sad as I should've stood up for my son. Now I'm prepared. 

I've my reply.. 
Yes I'm sure there'll be some challenges, like with any child but there'll also be lots of joyous celebrations! If anything he's thought me so much about life so far,. Yes it's heartbreaking. My heart will be forever broken as I know my son will face challenges the rest of us can't even imagine but in his short time already he has shown courage, bravery and determination far beyond what any adult could cope with. 

I'd love to add- 

We don't need to be reminded of PWS. We think of it every single day. 

It's your job to smile, say hello and tell him Something good! 

Pity him- never!
Celebrate him- always! 

Don't feel sorry for us. He has shown us a compassionate world, an understanding world and he has opened our eyes to suffering far beyond his own. 

As a parent of someone with special, or as I like to say additional needs the future is uncertain. If I'm walking around the village and not sitting in a hospital/therapy appointment- it's a good day! 

So if you see us out and about, just smile and say it's nice to meet you.