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What if Christmas perhaps... means a little bit more!

Today, we visited a toy shop with The Lodger. We did this to see if there is anything that he would really love Santa to bring him. We’ve been reading the toy catalogue, showing him tv ads of toys he might like but so far, we are coming up short. The Lodger has only one Christmas wish request.... and that can't be bought in a shop! 

The Lodger visiting a Christmas shop

In classic Lodger style, he has set us a Christmas challenge....

Recently, The Lodger's Auntie asked him what was Santa bringing?

The Lodger without hesitation replied 'Walk'.

'A walk?' I asked.

'Yes!' he said with the biggest smile on his face as he pointed to outside.

I explained that Santa might be so busy that day, bringing gifts to all the good boys and girls all over the world, that he might not be able to bring The Lodger for a walk.

I asked 'If Santa can't go for a walk, what else would you like?'
'Dog!' The Lodger replied with a grin.
'Santa can't bring a dog, he has no room in his sleigh. What's next?' I asked.

'Cat!' The Lodger replied.

I could now see where this would be going, a pig, a horse, a cow, a sheep and a lion soon followed. We love animals but at the moment the cuddly soft toy kind are all we need. 

Over the last few weeks, he has expanded his Christmas wish to 'A walk with Santa outside, holding his hand!' 

The Lodger has filled us with such pride, from the little baby who could only move his eyes when he was born, to the little boy he is now walking around independently. It's been incredible to see each of his milestones reached in his own time with a lot of hard work including physiotherapy and orthotics. 

Since The Lodger mastered walking just a few months ago at age 3 years 2 months, it is now one of his favourite things to do! 
Rain or shine, The Lodger loves to walk! He's getting stronger, faster and reaching greater distances. 

The Lodger spotted Santa on an episode of The Big Bang Theory before Halloween and his eyes lit up. Since then anything Christmas themed has brought great excitement. He has hugged the television when Santa appeared, cheered as he spotted Christmas trees and thanks to an app, has had many a phone call with Mr.Claus. 

The Lodger faces challenges but he does it with courage. He rarely has bad days, he rarely has tantrums and he's one of the happiest people I know. Even after a tough hospital visit, he'll high five and hug the Doctor. He's thoughtful, caring and funny! 

It really is no surprise he wants to match his two favourites together, walking and Santa.  

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! 
What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. 
What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!”

The Lodger meeting Santa Claus last Christmas. 

So, Santa Claus, I hope you have your walking boots ready.... we'll see you Christmas morning for a walk with The Lodger..... With a little help from some elves! 


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