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I don't have Prader-Willi Syndrome

Sometimes its easy to forget that you do not have Prader-Willli Syndrome.  

My son does but he's two. Yes I'm healthy, very healthy. In fact we rarely have bad food in the house. Frozen rubbish, processed ready meals never pass our  front door. Yet I still feel so guilty thinking about a bag of chips on the way home from a night out with the lads. Its stupid, its ridiculous.  My son wont know.  I'm not hurting him. I'm not causing him any harm. But still it always happens.  The guilt. 

We often have to remind ourselves that we do not suffer from a potentially life threatening syndrome. That we are actually innocent in all of this. That we didn't cause this. Yet we punish ourselves. We subconsciously eat super healthy, we exercise regularly and we sneak a plain rice cake with a cup of tea late in the evening. 

Prader willi syndrome is tough but I dont have it! Sometimes, as quite a food driven person pre PWS I forget this and forget to realise I can cook good food. And I enjoy it. I can enjoy good restaurants. I can read cookery books without the guilt and plan my vegetable garden without feeling I am hurting my son. 

My son has Prader Willi Syndrome and hes learning to deal with it. We all are. I look to support my son through his tough times but it's also important for me to remember to live my life, enjoy my food and not let Prader Willi Syndrome win. 

I am hungry for a cure but also I'm just hungry, and thats ok.


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