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The Selection Box

This morning I woke up in a panic. I had one of those dreams that seemed so very realistic that I thought it was happening right at that moment.

The Lodger was given an empty selection box with the task of completing a treasure hunt to fill it up with all its chocolate goods! Somewhere in the dream was the Easter Bunny without the PWS memo!! 

If someone had ever told me that one day a dream featuring a selection box would cause me so much stress, I would never have believed it. 

We've chosen to not give the Lodger any typical food treats. There's no biscuits/ice-cream/cake/chocolate/crisps/sweets in our house for him.  Our thinking on this is that if he never has it, he'll never miss it.  The Lodger is only two and I know there will be many food challenges for him to face as he grows older but for now all we can do is be prepared and make the healthiest choices. 

As I was growing up, birthdays were always filled with Mums Chocolate Cake. Every year she made a cake into a bus, a train, a bear, a horse, a computer.. the list went on. My cousins always challenged her with intricate designs and she was always up to the challenge. Before The Lodger arrived I loved making cupcakes. I day dreamed of my child's birthday party that would be filled with delicious cupcakes decorated into anything imaginable - from space themed, to animal and popcorn cupcakes. A tradition similar to what we grew up with. 

With a little adjustment and a different view on 'birthday cake' for The Lodgers 2nd birthday last July, I took to watermelon carving and fruit wands! Sometimes I think Prader-Willi will get the better of me, that it will crush my dreams for my child. We're two years in and we are on a different path to what we expected to be on but we're doing ok. Actually, we're doing better than ok, we are overcoming challenges and looking at the world in a completely different way.... and it's not bad! 


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The Lodger on tour!

The Lodger recently had his first school tour. The week leading up to the much-anticpated school tour started with an unexplained bout of challenging behaviour. 
The Lodger went back to school after his midterm break on Monday. He didn’t have the best day, a bit tired, a little bit oppositional, but we put it down to back to school feelings (and I kept my fingers crossed that he wasn't getting sick!)
Tuesday continued in the same breath! I was perplexed as he was fine at home, his usual happy Lodger self! I had a chat with his teacher and SNA after school and no light was shared but we decided maybe it was school tour excitement?? 
That was until, Tuesday evening and myself and the lodger were  having a little chat about things using my “I’m not trying to find out anything but really I am” strategy.... and for some unknown reason, he had gotten it into his head that he wouldn’t be having snack or lunch on his school tour.
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This is Real

This is real.
This feeling. 
This comfort.
This feeling of being surrounded by like-minded people.
A warming safety feeling.
No stress.
No panic.
No fears.
The joys of the Prader Willi family weekend.

A time when you release your child to the elements, safe in the knowledge that if anything was to happen the Prader Willi Police (PWP) are everywhere. Watching. Like undercover agents hiding in the shadows. But not actually in the shadows. 

We are a fun crew. A happy crew. A proud crew. We look out for each other with a nod and a smile. A simple nod of 'I've got this, fear not'. It's lovely to embrace these moments. The Lodger loves these weekends. If excitement wasn't sometimes such a chore it may well be exciting. A time when he can meet all his like-minded friends and enjoy the freedom although he's being watched by so many knowledgeable eyes. 

Another dad once told me; "We, the parents are the experts of this syndrome". And those words have never left me. 

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It’s the night before Easter and all through the house, not a creature is stirring....
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